Mead in Action: Ballet

Reports are starting to roll in from our new faculty as they bring their Dream Ideas to life.  The first is from Kim Brooks Mata:
My first of hopefully three trips was to Alonzo King LINES Ballet performance on Wednesday, Oct. 1st at the Modlin Center in Richmond.

Here is a link to the company’s website, and a clip of a duet as an example of this company’s artistic work.
Here are comments from two of the students who went on the trip regarding the company:
“Being able to see such a unique kind of ballet was inspiring. The dancers are able to embody so many contradictions, power and grace, height and lightness, fluidity and control, etc. The opportunity to see dancing is very rare for me, and the event was a very special occasion for me.” – Pearl Risberg, 1st year
“Watching Alonzo King LINES Ballet live was such an inspiring and enriching opportunity. The performers was breathtaking and inspired me to work harder on my technique and performance quality. The pieces we watched demonstrated seamless composition and incredibly well executed embodiment of stage space. ” Erika Choe, 4th year



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