Mead Money: Where students and faculty meet to eat


I just want to thank you for a beautiful lunch with students. This time I have invited two students for lunch with me. We had a wonderful lunch together and be able to share our thoughts and genuine conversations which we normally have no time to talk in the class.


Tsetan Nepali

Dear Mead Endowment,
I wanted to thank you for sending me two $10 Mead Money certificates, to aid in my taking students to lunch.  I took two of my students, each at a different time, and it was a wonderful opportunity to connect more thoroughly with them.  One is an exchange student from China, and the other was my TA for the year, who is one of the most outstanding graduating students in the McIntire School.
I would be pleased to be included again in your program in future years, unless you have policies against repeating the same recipients (which I would fully understand).
Thanks again.
David Mick
McIntire School of Commerce

I am writing to thank you for the encouragement to go to lunch with a student.  I went to lunch with undergraduate student Cassie Cosans at Newcomb Hall thereby saving her a little money, spending nice social time with her, and bumping into a number of other students known to me.  I had a delightful time getting to know Cassie beyond our research and classroom interactions.  I would not have done it (and I certainly would not have gone to Newcomb Dining Hall!) without the voucher appearing in my mailbox.  Because I don’t tweet, Instagram, or facebook, I am reduced to attaching two not-very-good photos of our dessert.  I read that Mr. Mead passed away, and I shared that newspaper clipping with Cassie.  He sounds like a person who left behind an important legacy in the students he interacted with over the years.  I wish a few more of us could make a fraction of the impact that he did.
Thank you again for this opportunity (and delightful surprise)!Janet S. Herman, Professor
Department of Environmental Sciences

I took two students to the Garden Room for lunch today with Mead Money.  I offered the lunch opportunity to all of my undergraduate students in both classes, collected names of those who were interested, and then ran a lottery for the “winners.”  Two young women joined me, and we enjoyed a lively conversation that ranged from the typical (home town, major, courses) to the terrific (study abroad opportunities, travel, ebola, the future).  One is from Richmond, the other a woman who came from Bulgaria with her family when she was 7 years old.  Both intelligent (of course), articulate, and fun.  And, the entire conversation took place in Spanish.  It was a wonderful opportunity.  Thank you and the Mead Endowment.David T. Gies



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