Mead Money: Where students and faculty meet to eat

Below, a report from Faculty Honoree Carrie Heilman… as well as a Mead Money post to Instagram.

My proposal was to use the Lindren Award funds to host my students in NY (hotel and dinner) so we could visit 10 advertising agencies over 2 ½ days in January.

We returned a few weeks ago from our NY trip and it was a huge success!  I cannot thank the Mead Foundation enough for providing us the opportunity to stay in one hotel together and to be able to share a meal on one of the two nights we were together in NY.  The money allowed ALL students to attend the trip, not just those who could afford it, and the bonding that occurred during those 2 ½ days was unlike any I have seen before.  Attached are some pictures from our trip.

These 29 students are back on grounds, hard at work this semester on our final deliverables for the American Advertising Federation’s National Student Advertising Competition in April.  I have never seen such an energized group and I believe it is because they were able to share in the social experiences, as well as the academic ones, on the NY trip and then return for the semester, as one cohesive group, ready to hit the ground running.

Again, thank you to the Mead Foundation for its generosity and its concern for student well being and student-faculty interactions.


Carrie Heilman



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