Contributions of all sizes are needed and appreciated

Any contribution furthers the goals of the endowment and helps to promote meaningful student-faculty interactions. To donate to the Mead Endowment, including named awards, please use this online form.

Become a member of the Mead Endowment Advisory Board

Those who make a pledge of $10,000 or more become members of the Advisory Board and are invited to attend the annual Rotunda dinners, participate in choosing which faculty proposals get funding, and receive regular e-mail reports about the activities of the faculty honorees.

Junior Advisory Board

Groups of alumni or friends can become members of the Junior Advisory Board by forming a team that collectively pledges one $10,000 membership. Group members then rotate attendance at the annual dinner. All members receive regular e-mail reports about the activities of faculty honorees. Please contact Grey McLean for more information.

Create an endowment in honor a beloved member of the University community.

For $100,000, you and like-minded friends can create an endowment in honor of a faculty member or administrator who had a positive effect on your life. Your endowment will be a living legacy that inspires the next generation of faculty to interact with students by sponsoring them to participate in the Mead Endowment program. Those who pledge $5,000 or more are invited to the Mead Endowment Dinner at which the inaugural award is presented. Those who pledge $10,000 or more become permanent members of the Mead Endowment Advisory Board.

Faculty Participation

Each year the Mead Endowment invites about a dozen faculty members to become Mead Honored Faculty. Deans handpick participants for their outstanding potential to become a friend of, and mentor to, students and an example for other faculty.  Faculty submit their Dream Ideas to nurture their relationships with students and help them walk in the footsteps of Boots. Faculty interested in applying for grants from the Endowment should contact their department chair and Tom Darbyshire.

We encourage all faculty to take advantage of our Mead Money program and treat students to coffee or a meal on us. Reports of other faculty using Mead Money can be found here.

For more details please contact Mead Endowment Chairman Tom Darbyshire or Molly Bass at the Alumni Association.