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It was a delight to be nominated for the Colley-Mead award. For my Dream Idea, I would like invite Darden students to create a series of 3-5 minute webisodes on actual business situations that involve the whole human being – emotions, body language and failings, in addition to cognitive intelligence and analytical abilities.   In […]

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Elena Loutskina, Darden

ELENA LOUTSKINA DARDEN SCHOOL The recognition by the Mead Endowment is a high honor that I am very proud to receive. A number of my colleagues at Darden are members of the Mead Honored Faculty and I am very proud to maintain this tradition for the institution. I have been at Darden since 2006 and […]

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Paul Simko, Darden

PAUL SIMKO DARDEN SCHOOL The Darden School will soon be welcoming its third cohort in the Global MBA for Executives program. As part of this program students enroll in global business courses that are delivered in various parts of the world. One location is Brazil, and in December of this year my core MBA accounting […]

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Darden women participate in a TED conference in Washington, DC.

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Ya El Grushka Cockayne, Darden

Ya El Grushka Cockayne, Darden It is a huge honor for me to represent the Darden School as a member of the Mead Honored Faculty for the 2012/2013 academic year.  To be acknowledged for my out-of-class engagement with the students, in an environment where almost everyone goes well beyond their formal role, is incredibly special […]

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Gregory Fairchild, Darden

Darden Prisoner Reentry Initiative. The impetus for this idea was a luncheon with Dean Bruner, in which he shared a letter he had received from a prisoner in the Dilwyn Correctional Facility. The inmate was requesting assistance with education to aid his eventual reentry to life after prison. Dean Bruner and I were taken with […]

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Erika James, Darden

Erika James, Darden I am pleased to communicate to you my “dream idea” that I will pursue in recognition of the Colley-Mead award. For the past 9 years I have been a member of the teaching faculty at the Darden Business School, and in that time have had the pleasure of teaching and learning from […]

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Casey Lichtendahl, Darden

Casey Lichtendahl, Darden Proposal – Lead a student trip to Berkshire Hathaway’s 2010 Annual Meeting.  Student Selection – Three Darden first-year students will be selected to attend by John Colley and Casey Lichtendahl.  Selection criteria will be based on the student’s organizational leadership potential. Learning Objective – To gain first-hand insights into the methods of Warren Buffett, […]

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Mary Margaret Frank, Darden

Mary Margaret Frank, Darden While Thomas Jefferson’s academic Village encouraged interaction between students and faculty, it also encouraged interaction across disciplines. As the University grows, the pace of the lives of both students and faculty increases, and we all become experts of our own kingdom, the interactions across disciplines, as well as the student-faculty interactions, […]

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Peter Rodriguez, Darden

Peter Rodriguez, Darden  What best endures from transformational experiences are the relationships formed among friends and colleagues. Through trial and growth and the sharing of ourselves the times that bring change do so through the voices and faces of those around us. Colleges and universities commonly structure educational experiences so as to build these relation- […]

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