Faculty Honorees

Each year about a dozen faculty are hand-picked by their to participate in the Mead Endowment Program. They are chosen for their potential to become friends and mentor to students in the tradition of legendary faculty like Ernest Mead.  Each proposes a creative “Dream Idea” project that will allow them to bond with a small group of students in meaningful and memorable ways. The Mead Endowment provides funding for these projects. They begin their experience at celebratory dinner in their honor, where they hear the previous year’s faculty honorees report on their projects.

In the early years of the program, only a few of the Dream Idea proposals could be funded each year.  Today all faculty receive funding. Click on the links below to read about the projects.

The program began by sponsoring faculty only from the College, as that is where the need to encourage more faculty student interaction seemed greatest.  Thanks to awards created in honor of other legendary faculty such as John Colley of Darden, Henry Kinnier of Engineering, and Jack Lindgren of McIntire, faculty from those schools now participate as well.”

2014 Mead Award Honored Faculty
Kimberly Brooks, Drama
Stephan De Wekker, Environmental Science
I-Jen Fang, Music
Simone Polillo, Sociology
Eric Ramirez-Weaver, Art
Todd Sechser, Politics
Sybil Scholz, Germanic Languages
Joshua White, History
Carrie Heilman, McIntire School of Commerce

Colley Award Honored Faculty

Elena Loutskina
Kinnier Award Honored Faculty
Gavin Garner
2013 Mead Award Honored Faculty
Griff Chausse, MESA
Joel Rubin, Music
Steve Warner, Drama
Claudrena Harold, History
Lise Dobrin, Anthropology
Jennifer Rubenstein, Politics
Stefan Baesslar, Physics
Tai Melcher, Math
Chris Deppmann, Biology

Colley Award Honored Faculty

Paul Simko
Kinnier Award Honored Faculty
Jim Fitz-Gerald
2012 Mead Award Honored Faculty
Matthew Affron, Art History
Hanadi Al-Samman, Arabic
Ted Coffey, Music
Jennifer Greeson, English
Craig Group, Physics
Melissa A. Henriksen, Biology
Tomoko Marshall, East Asian Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
H. Caitlin McLeod, Drama
Adrienne Ward, Italian

Colley Award Honored Faculty

Yael Grushka-Cockayne
Kinnier Award Honored Faculty
Dana Elzey
2011 In the early days of the Mead Endowment program, we were only able to fund the “Dream Ideas” of a few of our Honored Faculty each year. As of 2011, we were able to fund the projects of all of the Honored Faculty each year. In addition, in honor of our 10thanniversary, we selected ten proposals from earlier years that were particularly worthy, but could not be funded at the time.

Mead Award Honored Faculty
Talbot Brewer, Philosophy
Gabriel Finder, German
Coulter H. George, Classics
Bonnie Gordon, Music
Christian Gromoll, Mathematics
Martien A. Halvorson-Taylor, Religious Studies
Sarah Kucenas, Biology
Maurie McInnis, Art History
Jamie Morris, Biology
Amy Ogden, French
Matthew Reidenbach, Environmental Sciences
Diana Vaman, Physics
Vesla Weaver, Politics
William Wylie, Art
Colley Award Honored Faculty
Gregory Fairchild

2010 Mead Award Honored Faculty
Katia Dianina, Slavic Languages and Literature
Paul Dafydd Jones, Religious Studies
Keith Kosminsky, Biology
Cameron Mura, Chemistry
Chris Neu, Physics
John Parker, English
Josipa Roksa, Sociology
Tyler Jo Smith, Art
Brian Wiltgen, Psychology

Colley Award Honored Faculty
Erika James

2009 Mead Award Honored Faculty
Kevin Everson, Art
Stephanie Berard, French
Amori Mikami, Psychology
Michael Puri, Music
Fernando Tejedo-Herrero, Spanish and Italian
Keith Williams, Physics

Colley Award Honored Faculty
Casey Lichtendahl

2008 Mead Award Honored Faculty
Linda Columbus, Chemistry
Alev Erisir, Psychology
Mitch Green, Philosophy
Debbie Lawrence, Environmental Sciences
Deborah McGrady, French
Margarita Nafpaktitis, Slavic
Ignacio Provencio, Biology
Michael Rasbury, Drama
Chad Wellmon, German

Colley Award Honored Faculty
Mary Margaret Frank

2007 Mead Award Honored Faculty
Majida Bargach, French
Michelle Kisliuk, Music
Nilanga Liyanage, Physics
Charles Mathewes, Religious Studies
Michael Smith, Politics
Heather Warren, Religious Studies

Colley Award Honored Faculty
Peter Rodriguez

2006 Mead Award Honored Faculty
Christian McMillen, History and American Studies
Irena Mitrea, Math
Cynthia Wall, English

Colley Award Honored Faculty
Sherwood Frey

2005 Mead Award Honored Faculty
Sylvia Chong, English and American Studies
Julian Connolly, Slavic Languages and Literatures
John Dobbins, Art
Robert Hirosky, Physics

Colley Award Honored Faculty
Ronald Wilcox

2004 Mead Award Honored Faculty
Cass Sackett, Physics
William Thomas, History
2003 Mead Award Honored Faculty
Richard Will, Music
2002 Mead Award Honored Faculty
Steve Majewski, Astronomy